Optom-Eyez is an owner-operated practice, where our focus is on your satisfaction. We go out of our way to provide you with the best care and attention. With a wide range of frames and lenses for all budgets and tastes in stock, you are sure to realise your vision with us. To facilitate your experience, we deal with most medical aids directly and can claim on your behalf. We are conveniently located at the heart of Fourways in The Buzz Shopping Centre, which has quick and easy access off Witkoppen Rd and free parking.


Optometrist and Owner of Optom-Eyez Elia has been an Optometrist for over 16 years. After obtaining her Bachelor of Optometry from RAU University (now University of Johannesburg), her career started in 2003 with a mobile optometry practice serving Gauteng-based corporate and industrial clients including: the Development Bank of South Africa, Momentum, Bell Equipment and Nestle, among others. She then spent over 4 years at a franchise-group practice. In August 2010 she took the leap and acquired a practice of her own and renamed it Optom-Eyez. She is passionate about providing her customers with exceptional service, quality and value for money products.


A close family member of mine was diagnosed with a brain tumour after being referred to a neurologist by an optometrist after going for an eye exam, and was thus inspired to go into the profession. I was amazed that by going to what most people would think is an ordinary check-up, a really serious issue can be picked up and make a big difference in someone‚Äôs life“.
Elia Charalambous


We encourage for people to come and donate their old lens frames which we then send through to Operations Brightsight, who then uses these to give the less fortunate the opportunity to see with the use of spectacles


Purchase a pair of spectacle lenses and a branded frame, get 40% off second pair of prescription glasses. The second pair may apply to family or friends. The less expensive set of frame and lenses will be discounted. Offer ends 31st May 2019.



Comprehensive eye exams include refraction for eyeglasses and a thorough evaluation of the health of your eyes. We also do testing for glaucoma as well as dry eyes. We set aside between 30 to 45 minutes for a consultation.


Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to wearing glasses especially for the more active individual. We provide various brands of soft contact lenses, as well as cosmetic coloured contact lenses. We determine the proper contact lens prescription to ensure the best comfort and vision based on your visual demands. We provide one-on-one training for beginners on inserting, removing and taking care of the lenses. We can also fit people that have astigmatism as well as people who wear multifocals.